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Italian Organic Raw Sesame Seeds

4.90 17.90 
Natural Italian Slow Food Organic Unhusked Untoasted Sesame Seeds from the latest harvest: a superfood with a unique flavor and rich in beneficial properties! Ingredients: 100% Sicilian Raw Organic Whole Sesame Seeds (last harvest only)

Italian Whole Raw Organic Hazelnut

4.90 19.90 
Organic Natural Italian Hazelnuts from the latest harvest: an explosion of authentic flavor characteristic of the Tonda Gentile Romana variety combined with a concentration of natural benefits. Ingredients: 100% Italian Raw Organic Whole Hazelnuts (last harvest only)

Organic Raw Chandler Italian Walnuts

7.00 13.50 
Our Organic Whole Raw Italian Walnuts from the latest harvest are a true delight for your palate and your body, seize the opportunity! Ingredients: 100% Italian Raw Organic Walnuts in Shell (last harvest only)

Organic Raw Natural Black Seeds

4.90 22.90 
Whole Raw Organic Nigella Sativa Seeds: a Miraculous and Medicinal Aromatic Spice, especially since they are from the last harvest. Ingredients: 100% Raw Organic Whole Black Seeds (last harvest only)

Organic Raw Shelled Pistachios

9.90 49.90 
Organic Natural Pistachios from the latest harvest, with their fragrance and the distinctive flavor of the Kerman variety... irresistible! They are a source of essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, and a range of vitamins, including B, E, and C. Ingredients: 100% Spanish Raw Organic Whole Pistachios (last harvest only)

Organic Raw Whole Pumpkin Seeds

4.90 17.90 
Austrian Organic Raw Unhulled Unroasted Pumpkin Seeds from the latest harvest; green seeds that bolster health. Ingredients: 100% Styrian Raw Organic Whole Pumpkin Seeds (last harvest only)

Sicilian Whole Sweet Almonds

4.90 19.90 
Organic Whole Raw Sweet Almonds from the latest harvest, gently sun-dried, and shelled at the last moment, all of this to bring them to you fresh with all the nutrients that a Sicilian Tuono almond variety can offer. Ingredients: 100% Sicilian Raw Organic Whole Almonds (last harvest only)