Pure Sicilian Almond Butter 200g

Pure Organic Whole Raw Sicilian Almond Butter, handcrafted for maximum freshness, without toasting and peeling, preserving all the benefits of almonds. The authentic taste of Sicily in your kitchen.

Ingredients: 100% Sicilian Raw Organic Whole Almonds (last harvest only)

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Enjoy our exquisite Whole Raw Sicilian Almond Butter. This handmade creation from the Appennines is processed only after your order. This ensures maximum freshness delivered directly to your doorstep. Our Whole Raw Almond Cream is made from almonds that are neither roasted nor peeled.

Go on a tasty adventure. Pair our Pure Sicilian Almond Butter with our hand-picked natural sweeteners!

Healthy Choice

Choosing Sicilian Raw Almonds is ideal for those who want a healthy, nourishing, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our almonds are grown with care and passion in the beautiful Sicilian hills. They were processed with love last summer. We work on each batch only after receiving your order. This commitment to freshness ensures that the product you receive is at its peak.

Production Process

Our Organic Sicilian Whole Almond Cream is the result of careful mechanical grinding of the Tuono almond variety. The almonds are not subjected to aggressive processing that exceeds 40°C. This process preserves the healthy principles of almonds, including the precious cuticle. The result is an authentic product, rich in flavor and authenticity.

Tasting Tips

For an extraordinary taste experience, pair our Almond Cream with one of our specially selected natural sweeteners. Scientific studies suggest consuming 30g of almonds per day for full benefits. Our Almond Butter can be a valuable choice for those seeking a nutritious and healthy alternative.

Ecological Choice

Choose to love the Earth, eat naturally, and support companies working in harmony with nature. Discover more details about the fascinating characteristics and usage tips of Almond Cream in our engaging blog.

Order our Sicilian Raw Almond Butter now. Discover the authentic goodness of nature in your daily recipes. Choose the purity of Sicilian Whole Organic Almonds. They are a source rich in essential nutrients, free of preservatives, added sugars, or hydrogenated oils.

Join us in discovering the unique features of Raw Whole Almonds Butter through our blog. This is a place dedicated to a healthy and delicious experience. Choose Sicilian Raw Almond Butter. It’s the secret to natural health and taste that brings well-being to the body and love to the Earth.

Additional information
Weight 0.4 kg
Attention Nutrition facts for 200 mg
Calories 575 Kcal
Carbs 21,7 g
sugars 3,9 g
fiber 12,2 g
Fat 49,4 g
satures 3,7 g
monoSat 30,9 g
polySat 12,1 g
Protein 21,2 g
Vitamin A 1 IU
Vitamin B 5,2 mg
Vitamin C 0,1 mg
Vitamin E 26,2 mg
Vitamin J 52,1 mg
Vitamin K 0
Calcium Ca 264 mg
Copper Cu 1,0 mg
Iron Fe 3,7 mg
Magnesium Mg 268 mg
Manganese Mn 2,3 mg
Phosphorus F 484 mg
Potassium K 705 mg
Zinc Zn 3,1 mg
Selenium Se 2,4 mcg
Chlorophyll 0
Fluorine F 0
Phytosteroles 127 mg
Salt 3,0 mg
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