Pure Organic Italian Hazelnut Butter 200g

Certified organic and artisanally, our Pure Whole Italian Raw Hazelnut Butter is an excellent sustainable choice for your well-being and the Earth.

Ingredients: 100% Italian Raw Organic Whole Hazelnuts (last harvest only)

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Extraordinary Health Benefits

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Culinary Versatility

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Our exclusive Pure Organic Whole Raw Italian  Hazelnut Butter from Tuscia is a true artisan masterpiece, produced with passion in our laboratory located in the enchanting Apennines. To ensure the utmost freshness, especially since the nuts are from the latest harvest, each cream is prepared only after receiving your order, so you can savor the full flavor of hazelnuts directly in your home.

The unique density of our cream is due to the precious presence of hazelnut skins and our careful choice not to subject the product to aggressive processing or temperatures exceeding 40°C. This quality attention allows us to preserve all the healthy properties present in this exceptional fruit, carefully grown in the Viterbo region by our trusted organic producer. The “Tonda Gentile Romana” variety, with its characteristic hazelnut flavor, harvested last summer and expertly ground, will directly enhance your various recipes, offering a delightful burst of flavors.

Go on a tasty adventure. Pair our Pure Organic Italian Hazelnut Butter with our hand-picked natural sweeteners!

Advice from human wisdom…

Scientific studies have highlighted the numerous health benefits of hazelnuts. Consuming 30g of hazelnuts per day can help control conditions such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Furthermore, hazelnuts contribute to strengthening bones and muscles, improving metabolism and weight control, reducing the risk of tumors, and offering a beneficial prebiotic potential for intestinal flora. This precious cream is also recommended for children, as it can support healthy and harmonious development.

Choose our Whole Hazelnut Cream from Tuscia, a tasty and healthy experience that enhances the authentic taste of nature and your well-being. Don’t wait, order now, and treat yourself to the pleasure of an exceptional hazelnut cream, cultivated with love and respect for the environment.

Our Italian Organic Hazelnuts are the ideal solution for those seeking a healthy, nutritious, and sustainable food option. Our constant commitment to promoting sustainable and organic practices results in high-quality products that respect the environment and the Earth.

Discover further details about Raw Hazelnut Butter characteristics in our engaging blog. Choose goodness and sustainability with our Raw Hazelnut Cream from Tuscia.

Additional information
Weight 0.4 kg
Attention Nutrition facts for 200 mg
Calories 628 Kcal
Carbs 16,7 g
sugars 4,3 g
fiber 9,7 g
Fat 60,8 g
satures 4,5 g
monoSat 45,7 g
polySat 7,9 g
Protein 15,0 g
Vitamin A 61 IU
Vitamin B 4,0 mg
Vitamin C 6,3 mg
Vitamin E 15,0 mg
Vitamin J 45,6 mg
Vitamin K 14,2 mcg
Calcium Ca 114 mg
Copper Cu 1,7 mg
Iron Fe 4,7 mg
Magnesium Mg 163 mg
Manganese Mn 6,1 mg
Phosphorus F 290 mg
Potassium K 608 mg
Zinc Zn 2,5 mg
Selenium Se 2,4 mcg
Chlorophyll 0 mg
Fluorine F 0
Phytosteroles 96 mg
Salt 0,0
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