Sicilian Whole Sweet Almonds

Organic Whole Raw Sweet Almonds from the latest harvest, gently sun-dried, and shelled at the last moment, all of this to bring them to you fresh with all the nutrients that a Sicilian Tuono almond variety can offer.

Ingredients: 100% Sicilian Raw Organic Whole Almonds (last harvest only)

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Deolied Black Seeds Vegetable Proteins, a true treasure trove of health and well-being derived from nature itself. These extraordinary proteins are the result of dedication and extreme care, ensuring exceptional quality in every serving. Unparalleled Nutritional Riches: Deolied Black Seeds Vegetable Proteins are a rich source of high-quality proteins and dietary fibers. This combination will not only satisfy your appetite but also support the health of your digestive system.

Extraordinary Health Benefits

Weight Management: Thanks to their harmonious blend of proteins, fibers, and low fat content, these vegetable proteins are an ideal choice for those looking to manage their weight. Moreover, due to their “warm and dry” nature, black seeds are known for their fat-burning properties, which can contribute to weight loss. Unique Properties for Male Fertility: Black seeds are known to increase testosterone levels in men, improving libido and male sexual strength. Additionally, consuming these seeds with honey can enhance sperm motility and quantity. Furthermore, the properties of black seeds include the potential for male organ enlargement. Black seeds have been an integral part of culinary and medicinal traditions in various cultures. They have been known for their beneficial and extraordinary properties for centuries.

Culinary Versatility

Deolied Black Seeds Vegetable Proteins can be easily incorporated into your kitchen, adding a unique touch to both sweet and savory dishes. With their low fat content, they contribute to a healthy diet. You can use them in cookies, cakes, soups, salads, and even beverages, transforming every recipe into an extraordinary culinary experience. Furthermore, they are ideal as seasonings for sauces and creams, making your dishes even more delicious. Choose Deolied Black Seeds Vegetable Proteins for a journey towards exceptional health and well-being, supported by millennia-old wisdom and modern science.


Sicilian Organic Whole Raw Sweet Almonds offered by us are a nourishing and healthy delicacy, especially since they are from the latest harvest. People have long recognized these small treasures from nature as a rich source of essential nutrients. Today, almonds are gaining popularity as a healthy and versatile food, and for good reason.

Extraordinary Nutritional Composition

Healthy Fats: Almonds contain a significant amount of monounsaturated fats, which are known for their cardiovascular health benefits. – Protein and Fiber: They are also a source of high-quality protein and dietary fiber, promoting a feeling of fullness and contributing to healthy digestion. – Vitamins and Minerals: These natural gems contain vitamins such as vitamin E and riboflavin, along with important minerals like manganese, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus. – Bioactive Compounds: Almonds are rich in minor bioactive compounds, including phytosterols and polyphenols, offering health benefits.

Health Benefits

Weight Management: Almonds can be an ally in weight management due to their combination of protein, fiber, and healthy fats that promote satiety. – Heart Health: The monounsaturated fats in almonds contribute to better cardiovascular health. – Intestinal Microbiota Regulation: The fiber and polyphenols in almonds can promote intestinal microbiota health, helping regulate its composition. – Traditional Chinese Medicine: Almonds have an association with the Lung functional system in traditional Chinese medicine. They moisten, aid in phlegm dissipation, and tonify Lung qi.

Our Commitment to Quality

We carefully select the almonds we process from local Sicilian producers who practice organic farming. These almonds grow naturally, using rainwater and cover cropping for fertilization. We handle almonds with the utmost care during processing, from their growth in the fields to their storage in shells. We preserve their integrity, including the skin, and do not subject them to roasting to retain all their precious characteristics. Choosing our Italian Organic Whole Raw Sweet Almonds is a way to embrace the power of nature in a pure and nourishing form. Join us in our mission to promote wellness through the wonders of nature. To learn more about the features of Italian Organic Whole Raw Sweet Almonds, visit our website today.
Additional information
Weight N/A
Calories Kcal 575 Kcal
Carbs 21,7 g
sugars 3,9 g
fiber 12,2 g
Fat 49,4 g
satures 3,7 g
monoSat 30,9 g
polySat 12,1 g
Protein 21,2 g
Vitamin A 1 IU
Vitamin B 5,2 mg
Vitamin C 0,1 mg
Vitamin E 26,2 mg
Vitamin J 52,1 mg
Vitamin K 0 mcg
Calcium Ca 264 mg
Iron Fe 3,7 mg
Magnesium Mg 268 mg
Manganese Mn 2,3 mg
Phosphorus F 484 mg
Potassium K 705 mg
Zinc Zn 3,1 mg
Selenium Se 2,4 mcg
Fluorine F
Phytosteroles 127 mg
Salt 3mg
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