The secret of living seeds

Let's Explore Life in Seeds: A Journey to Earth

Often, we find ourselves bound by space and time, a condition that applies to us humans as well as all other life forms, including plant seeds.
Dried fruit is actually a seed. Each plant, in order to propagate its species, produces seeds which, when found in the right conditions, will give rise to new plants. The seed is the repository of life, its main purpose thanks to its reserves of carbohydrates and proteins contained in the endosperm. What makes the seeds extraordinary is the delicate skin that surrounds them, containing a mixture of specific components. These elements play a vital role in protecting everything needed to start a new life.

For us, the seed peels are precious for their probiotic fibers, B vitamins, minerals and a large amount of antioxidants that protect the embryo and preserve the reproductive potential of the seed. During their journey across the world, seeds are not always able to immediately find the ideal conditions for germination and growth. They can remain in a latent state for prolonged periods and travel long distances. Only when the perfect conditions for life exist, the seed begins to germinate and begins its journey towards existence, since antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals (especially zinc and magnesium) and unsaturated fats are collected in the germ. However, if it fails to achieve these ideal conditions, the seed eventually dies and integrates into the Earth, gradually decomposing.

Live Seeds: Treasures of Vitality

Living seeds, these little treasures, carry with them a quantity of vital elements. And this is precisely what we look for in our food: the presence of elements that support our body, nourish us and provide us with the necessary energy. From this point of view, the moment of harvesting and the path that the food takes until it reaches our plate becomes fundamental. Fresh nuts and seeds from the latest harvest, if whole and not toasted, can still sprout, they are still alive!

For this reason, AmicEarth has chosen to use live seeds. This means that all the natural nutrients are still present in the seed. We work with extreme delicacy, keeping the temperature below 40°C and using slower machinery to avoid stressing the seeds and preserving all the active ingredients. While opting for a more complex but less invasive manufacturing process than industrial methods, we guarantee that the vitality of the seeds is completely transmitted to your body. With AmicEarth, choose life in seeds and vitality for your health.

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