We Choose the Earth, What About You?

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The essential need in our lives is to have and live in harmony with the Earth, establishing a close relationship with it. The Earth is our breath, our home, our food, our care, our passion, our happiness, and vitality. For a constructive relationship to thrive, there must be fewer interferences and tensions between us and the Earth.

This is precisely what we at AmicEarth strive for. Our research and efforts focus on sourcing and using oilseeds and dried fruits harvested last summer from the best Italian fields that adhere to high standards of ecological sustainability, organic farming, and come from small traditional businesses. But why are we so obsessed? For the Earth and its inhabitants… every choice revolves around it; our products come almost exclusively from our nation to reduce pollution even during transportation.

Seed is Life

All dried fruits are seeds that contain all the resources for the birth of a new plant. However, this possibility is not perpetual; it has a time and a space. Afterward, it extinguishes, this availability for a hypothetical life is erased, these resources are the active ingredients that source our food consumption.

The active ingredients include proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins, and minerals; for this reason, they are our primary care and the protagonists of a healthy diet that replaces a wide range of supplements. Most of these active ingredients are very sensitive and over time and heat, they degrade, which means they do not enter the cycle of new life. These tensions create chemical changes in the fruit, such as rancidity or oxidation.

Living Seeds: not roasted, not heated, not peeled

Our choice and selection lie in not exceeding a certain level of heat and time in the production process to preserve the life of our dried fruits. Our products are not roasted or heated and are not exposed to temperatures exceeding 40°C, thus preserving the properties of our beloved fruits. We love the Earth so much that our sustainability efforts are more than evident; we use solar energy in our production facility, and our packaging is eco-friendly.

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