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The artisan's story

grew up in a family that has always cultivated a deep love for plants. This privilege allowed me to discover not only their beauty but also their potential in herbalism and natural nutrition. From a young age, I had the opportunity to savor herbal teas, dishes, and sauces made from carefully harvested herbs from our family garden and during nature walks. Herbs and plant oils have always been an essential part of our daily routine, bringing pleasure to the body and healing wounds, pains, and illnesses. Their fascinating flavors and scents have enriched my life experience.

My world of seeds and nuts shared with you: TerraCura

So, I began to explore the wonderful world of seeds and nuts. I tasted every variety, and every food meant for our gastronomic pleasure also found its place on our skin! The conversations between my mother and her friends about the “freshness” of these seeds and plants seemed to speak of living beings, seeds waiting for the right opportunity to sprout and grow. From here, my passion for a living plant-based diet was born, where seeds are alive. They are the real protagonists with their time and space to follow their destiny.

Today, I have created the company “TerraCura,” dedicated to producing pure and natural vegetable butters and oils from precious seeds. We are located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in Monghidoro, Bologna, immersed in the beauty of nature, where we carefully transform dried fruits and seeds for our products. “The Experience of Eating Live” is my daily reality. This concept has its roots in the past when I learned to eat fruits with their skin, fresh whole seeds, and fresh herbs that enriched my meals and snacks.

However, in the global market, the quality and properties of dried fruits and seeds often receive little attention and information. These foods form the basis of our diets but are too often neglected. Nutritional information is standardized for all types of almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, and so on! We consume seeds that are often no longer alive and, in many cases, can even be toxic, deprived of their authentic natural flavor!

The roasting process and nutritional losses

After some time, a seed exits the life cycle, stops sprouting, and begins to deteriorate, transforming the oils inside it into elements that cause the decline of the seed and its return to the Earth. Unfortunately, roasting is a harmful process that, combined with salt, sugar, and artificial flavors, conceals the unpleasant taste of the seed now in decline.

This is the reality: in today’s market, it is difficult to find fresh, natural, and living dried fruit. My endless research led me to create a craft company with the intention of sharing my experience and producing pure, unfiltered, unrefined “Vegetable Butters and Oils” to minimize interference between us, our food, and the Earth. We use live seeds, sourced as much as possible from small local farms, harvested last summer and naturally dried with the help of wind and sun.

Welcome to our world of sensory experiences and well-being

Our raw materials are chosen with love for life and the Earth because fresh dried fruits and seeds possess a phytotherapeutic power that brings harmony to our existence. TerraCura is proud to be registered as BO570716, confirming our authenticity as producers of high-quality vegetable butters and oils. Welcome to our journey towards a healthy, authentic, and sustainable cuisine, where seeds, rich in precious nutrients, are alive and ready to convey their benefits to our senses. Let’s be enchanted by the wonders that nature offers and discover a gratifying way to nourish body, mind, and soul. This choice is not just about taste but a true embrace of the health and joy of living that the Earth bestows upon us.

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