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Pure Organic Whole Raw Hazelnut Butter

The Raw Hazelnut Butter, also known as Raw Hazelnut Cream, is obtained through direct milling of only Organic, Raw, Whole Hazelnuts, of 100% Italian origin. This results in a flavorful spreadable paste with the characteristic taste of this nut, preserving its nutritious properties, mainly thanks to the gentle processing method that never exceeds 40°C, the presence of the cuticle, and the freshness of the harvest from last summer. It is natural, without the addition of sugars, milk, emulsifiers, or other products. Ours is a practical and delicious alternative to contribute to your well-being.

Benefits of Raw Hazelnut Butter

The high energy value is due to the content of fats, especially good fats and carbohydrates, providing energy and satiating hunger. Regular consumption integrates a large number of vitamin E and vitamin C, which are excellent antioxidants. The mineral salts you intake are also very beneficial: magnesium (essential for the proper functioning of muscles, bones, and the brain); iron (essential for blood and respiration); manganese (necessary for the activation of many enzymes), and phosphorus (important for many biological processes).

How to Consume Raw Hazelnut Cream

The Raw Hazelnut Butter is practically usable with anything.
Here are some classic ways to enjoy it:
– In smoothies – add a spoon or two of hazelnut butter to banana, coffee, chocolate, or berry smoothies – great flavor combinations.
– In your coffee: add a teaspoon of hazelnut butter and a sprinkle of cocoa powder for a healthy alternative. A drop of vanilla essence and maple syrup will make it even tastier!
– On strawberries: mix hazelnut butter with some raw cocoa powder and a bit of agave syrup if your strawberries are not very ripe. Dip the strawberries into the mixture.
Apple snack: slice apples, add a spoon of hazelnut butter on top, sprinkle with cocoa or cinnamon powder.


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