Pure Organic Whole Raw Italian Walnut Butter


Welcome to the wonderful world of Pure Raw Walnut Butter, also known as Walnut Cream. Our delicacy is obtained through the direct milling of the finest Organic, Raw, and Whole Walnuts. This gentle processing method preserves the distinctive flavor and health properties of this precious nut. The freshness of last summer’s harvest and the presence of the cuticle help maintain the essential nutrients of the walnuts. Unlike many other companies that roast walnuts before processing, we keep the process at temperatures below 40°C to maximize nutrient retention. Our AmicEarth Walnut Butter is entirely natural, with no added sugars, milk, emulsifiers, or other ingredients. We are committed to offering a healthy and delicious alternative for your overall well-being. The energy potency of walnut butter, derived from the calories and fats present, does not lead to weight gain because the majority of the fats are polyunsaturated. This delight is a valuable support for disease prevention and can contribute to therapies aimed at cardiovascular problems. Thanks to its properties, walnut butter helps lower cholesterol, boosts metabolism, and can contribute to stroke prevention. Additionally, it acts as an excellent prebiotic food, promoting a healthy and balanced intestinal flora.


How to Best Use Raw Walnut Butter

The possibilities are endless! You can spread this tasty cream on toast, crackers, or simply on bread for a nutritious breakfast or snack. For an extra burst of flavor, try pairing it with coconut shavings or powdered cinnamon. You can also add a spoonful of walnut butter to your favorite smoothie for intense flavor and a creamy texture. For a healthy breakfast, mix walnut butter with a bit of cocoa powder and maple syrup and add it to oatmeal to create a delicious porridge.

Walnut butter is also suitable for many dessert recipes. You can use it as a base ingredient for cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, and any other baked delight you want to create. You can also spread it on freshly baked rolls for an extra touch of sweetness. Experiment with adding walnut butter to pasta and risotto sauces, for example, by mixing it with parsley and Parmesan. Additionally, you can enhance your soups with walnut butter for a unique flavor. Discover our suggestions for pairing walnut butter with the most suitable natural sweeteners and visit our digital shop to explore the entire range of our healthy and tasty products. Treat yourself to the privilege of savoring this delight in its natural form and experience its versatility in the kitchen. We are confident that AmicEarth Organic Walnut Butter will soon become an indispensable ingredient in your kitchen and an ally for your daily well-being.

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