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Raw Sesame Seed Butter, also known as Raw Sesame Cream, is obtained through direct grinding of only Organic, Raw, Whole, and Italian Sesame Seeds. This results in a flavorful spread with the distinctive taste of oily seeds, maintaining healthful properties. The gentle processing method, not exceeding 40°C, includes the seed husk, freshness from latest harvest, and production starting after your order. Many companies toast and hull Sesame Seeds before pressing to expedite grinding, but this alters the precious nutritional components. It’s all-natural, without the addition of sugars, milk, emulsifiers, or other products. Ours is a healthy, convenient, and delightful alternative to promote one’s well-being. Our seeds have undergone careful cultivation in the Slow Food Presidium of Ispica, enhancing their value for consumers and the Earth.

This creamy sauce is rich, nutritious, and a source of precious vitamins and minerals. Strengthening the body, it enhances dishes with a pleasant foreign flavor. A special mixture used in dishes like hummus, halva, and baba ghanoush. People widely appreciate this culinary delight in Greece, Turkey, and African cuisine, especially in North Africa.


Used extensively in vegan, vegetarian, and macrobiotic cuisine, this sauce is high in calories and rich in good fats and carbohydrates. Abundant in calcium, it also contains other essential minerals like phosphorus and potassium. This makes it suitable to counter states of physical and mental fatigue while invigorating the immune system. The organs that can most benefit from the nutrients contained in this cream are bones, heart, and intestines. Thanks to unsaturated fatty acids in Sesame Seeds, this butter reduces “bad” cholesterol and prevents tumor onset. It also has antioxidant and intestinal regulatory properties.

How to Use Pure Ispica Raw Sesame Seed Cream

In Eastern cuisine, chefs use Raw Sesame Seed Butter as a sauce for vegetables and meatballs. They can use it both on its own and in combination with other spices and oils to create tasty emulsions for dressing salads.

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