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Organic Raw Whole Italian Walnut

Organic Raw Whole Italian Walnut

Walnut, from the Juglans regia tree, is a nutrient-rich and beneficial nut, containing fiber, omega-3, and minerals. Walnuts are widely spread, and despite being originally from the Middle Eastern region (Caucasus, Armenia, Iran, up to the Himalayan mountains), they are also considered a typical plant of the Italian peninsula. This tree grows in isolation because its leaves release a substance called juglone that can harm or even kill surrounding plants.
Its wood is also widely used in the timber industry, the shoots are used in gemmotherapy, and the bark (in addition to the fleshy part of the fruit) serves as a natural pigment.

Beneficial Properties of Raw Walnuts

They are rich in nutrients, including healthy fats and are widely used in the kitchen for first courses, desserts, or eaten individually as a nutritious snack.
The consumption of raw walnuts is clearly related to human health, and it is recommended to eat 30g per day, which is equivalent to 5 or 7 walnuts. Their beneficial effects are mainly attributed to the fatty acid profiles of walnuts and their content of plant proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytosterols, and phenols.
For years, they have been part of the diet of mountain populations, earning the nickname “bread of the poor” due to their high energy content and ease of availability.
Despite their energy contentthe consumption of raw walnuts does not lead to weight gain. This is because the vast majority of fats are polyunsaturated, making them an excellent support for the prevention and management of various cardiovascular problems. Not to mention that they help lower cholesterol. Scientific studies have also shown that they boost metabolism, prevent strokes, and are excellent prebiotic food.

Raw Walnuts in Traditional Chinese Medicine

In Chinese tradition, raw walnuts are primarily known as Kidney tonics. The warming and tonifying effect of walnuts primarily affects the qi and yang of this functional system. Since the Kidney system is crucial for the entire lower burner, roughly the part of the body from the navel down, tonifying the Kidneys also means increasing strength, qi, blood circulation, and organ functions in this part of the body.
Moreover, raw walnuts are recommended in all cases where coldness and weakness prevail, which typically worsen in cold and humid climates, with overwork, and physical exertion.
Another area where the tonifying effect of raw walnuts is useful is regarding the bladder. Chinese medicine advises to eat a couple of raw walnuts a day in cases of excessive urination, frequent urination, irritable bladder, and nocturia, as well as when incontinence occurs due to weakness or coldness.
Also, the positive effect of raw walnuts on the brain, highly regarded in the West, is seen in Chinese medicine as a consequence of Kidney tonification, the functional system that nourishes the brain and spinal cord. Walnuts stimulate brain activity in general, improve concentration, strengthen the nervous system, and have a positive effect on mood, particularly in cases of depression.
Last but not least, raw walnuts are a beloved remedy by the elderly Chinese for their sexual potency. According to them, regular consumption of walnuts also improves quantity and quality of sperm, which, according to Chinese criteria, corresponds to strengthening the jing, the essence of the Kidney system.

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