Pure Raw Almond Oil, Organic Italian Whole


Our Almond Oil is Extra Virgin Oil since it is obtained by cold pressing directly and only from Raw and Whole fruit, thus preserving all the characteristics of Almonds.

It has a clear appearance with a subtle yellow color; its sensitivity is similar to that of extra virgin olive oil; while its smell and taste remain very delicate. It quickly becomes rancid when exposed to light and heat; therefore, it is necessary to take adequate care in storing and consuming it within a relatively short time (it is recommended not to exceed 5 months) to absorb its gifts better. In particular, the Almonds we process maintain all the precious characteristics because at each stage they have been treated delicately: from their growth in the fields of the local producer, who has allowed them to develop naturally and organically, with rainwater and fertilization; from their drying under sunlight only and storage in their shell; to their integrity with the skin and without toasting.
Almond oil contains: 32% oleic acid, omega 9; 13% linoleic acid, omega 6; 5% saturated fatty acids.

Cosmetic Uses of Extra Virgin Almond Oil

Pure Almond Oil is mainly used in cosmetics and dermatology cosmetic for its emollient properties (it protects the skin, hydrating it, as an anti-itch and against burns). Spread on the skin, with its acidic composition, Almond Oil integrates very well with the hydrolipidic film, not allowing the normal evaporation of the skin’s water. It thus acts as a moisturizer, ideal for dry skin and as a pack for dry hair , leaving it on for about 20 minutes before shampooing. It is also an excellent elasticizer, so it can be used preventively against stretch marks, including those during pregnancy. Sweet Almond Oil has always been indicated as a base oil for massage.

Food Use of Whole Almond Oil

Not all Almond Oils are suitable for food use; only the so-called “sweet almond oil” since it is mainly obtained from the seeds of Prunus dulcis; other products not intended for food are also produced with bitter almonds. Excellent vegetable oil to use for seasoning dishes, to which it gives its characteristic aroma, it is also recognized for being an excellent aid in balancing physiological intestinal transit.

Almond Oil in Phytotherapy

For internal use, Almond Oil is sometimes recommended as a remedy for functional constipation in infants (1-2 teaspoons) and produces a mild laxative effect even in adults. Popular tradition also recommends Almond Oil for the treatment of bronchitis, cough, heartburn, and kidney, bladder, and gallbladder disorders. In summer, almond oil should be stored in the refrigerator and kept in dark glass bottles to ensure the integrity of the fats.

Other Uses of Raw Almond Oil

Curiosity: Almond Oil can also be used as a conditioner for the wood of some musical instruments such as the oboe and the clarinet.

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