Energy Balls of Pistachio and Cashews

Pistachio, Cashew & Mango Energy Balls: Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free The perfect choice to accompany aged cheeses or fruity white wines and to improve mood and promote positive feelings. Perfect for a variety of occasions, including moments of well-being and for women during their menstrual cycle Three in each package Ingredients: Raw Organic Whole Pistachio Butter, Raw Organic Whole Cashew Crunch, Raw Organic Whole Pistachio Crunch, Organic Agave Syrup, Raw Organic Dried Mango. (all last harvest only)

Raw Dark Chocolate with Pistachios & Rose Petals

Let yourself be amazed by the intense flavor derived from the artisanal processing of whole raw cacao beans, the purity of dark chocolate combined with raw pistachios and delicate rose petals. Powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory, stimulating and stress-relieving properties... it's not just 70g of chocolate; this is a sublime experience. Ingredients: Raw Organic Whole Cocoa Beans, Raw Organic Whole Pistachio Crunch, Rose Petals. (all last harvest only)

Energy Balls of Almond and Figs

Almond, Figs and Strawberries Energy Balls: only whit fruit from the latest harvest, a perfect match with red or dry white wines, beneficial for the intestines, as well as the health of bones, muscles, skin, and hair. Ideal for athletes looking to build muscle mass and those seeking an alternative to meat. Three in each package. Ingredients: Raw Organic Whole Almond Butter, Raw Organic Whole Almond Crunch, Raw Organic Dried Figs, Organic Italian Forest Honeydew Honey, Raw Organic Strawberry Powder. (all last harvest only)

Energy Balls of Hazelnut and Cocoa Beans

The Energy Balls of Hazelnut, Cocoa Beans, and Blueberries: a delightful mix that pairs well with robust red wines, promotes liver health, strengthens bones and joints, ideal for intensive sports. Three in each package. Ingredients: Raw Organic Whole Hazelnut Butter, Raw Organic Whole Hazelnut Crunch, Raw Organic Whole Cocoa Beans Crunch, Organic Cooked Grapemust from Modena, Raw Organic Blueberry Powder. (all last harvest only)

Energy Balls of Sesame and Dates

An explosion of energy in every bite. These Energy Balls combine the crunchiness of Sesame with the sweetness of Dates and Raspberries. Rich in calcium, zinc, and iron, they are a concentrated source of nutrition for bones, hormones, concentration, and muscle endurance. Ideal for facing daily challenges with taste. Three in each package. Ingredients: Raw Organic Whole Sesame Seeds Butter, Raw Organic Whole Sesame Seeds, Raw Organic Dates Paste, Raw Organic Raspberry Powder. (all last harvest only)
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